We just launched the SFFOOD STORE section of our website!

Below, we bring you the greatest food and cooking related products that we’ve used to date. Everything in this store consists of products that we highly recommend; we don’t put any products here that we haven’t tested ourselves, and most of these products, we still own to this day and use consistently.

Payment for the SFFOOD Store Products

Many of the product links refer you to the Amazon website via our affiliate links or external links that are not associated with San Francisco Food at all but are highly recommended by us. Best of all–clicking “Buy Now” adds the item to your cart so that you can complete your purchase on the Amazon website via secure channels.

No payment information will be captured by San Francisco Food or stored on our servers. You won’t need to register an account on SF FOOD to add the item to your cart. This secures your transaction and also relieves us from having to maintain payments, security and products, and furthermore, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, any and all benefits and savings that your Prime membership would usually yield will all pass onto you via the Amazon payment gateway.

About Amazon Prime

Our annual payment to Amazon Prime saves us hundreds of dollars in shipping. I’d have to check with Amazon but I’d be willing to bet that out of all personal accounts, we’d be in the top 100 most-frequent Amazon buyers. Below is an offer to try Amazon Prime for free for 30-days. If you do order from Amazon often (1x/month?) — then Amazon Prime is the way to go.