Yoshihiro Nakiri Knife

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The Yoshishiro Nakiri knife is one of our favorites to grab when in need for a strong knife that is balanced, slices through vegetables like they’re made of butter, and offers great control in your hand while in use. It also has a beautiful Damascus steel design with a mahogany blade.

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Nakiri knives are the best knife to grab when you’re prepping vegetables. Those of you that have been in my kitchen know that of all knives, I love my Japanese knives the most. The craftsmanship of a Japanese knife is unmatched by any other maker in the world.

This Yoshihiro Nakiri Knife has a very thin, flat-blade edge that makes a clean and thorough cut, perfect to get through to the cutting board when slicing any vegetable. This particular knife comes with a mahogany wood handle with a full tang for a balanced construction. For those of you who understand metals used in knives, this Yoshihiro Nakiri Knife has a 3-layer construction with a VG-10 stainless steel center with a HRC 60, and an elegant 16-layer hammered outer steel, which prevents wood from sticking to the blade. 

This isn’t a mass-marketed knife; it’s handcrafted in Japan by folks considered to be professional masters of their trade. Made with a beautiful Damascus steel, the knife is exemplary of art and is about as stable as they come.

And unlike many, many Japanese knives, the Yoshihiro Nakiri knife is more resistant to rust even when you don’t immediately wash the knife. Anyone who has used Japanese steel knives knows just how fast they rust when you slice through anything moist and acidic, like tomatoes.

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