Boos Cutting Board – Maple

$187.95 $156.98

A true essential in the kitchen, this Boos Cutting Board will last you a lifetime with proper care.

For most of our wood products, we trust Boos as a brand name. Of all woods available for cutting boards, we prefer maple to anything else. Bamboo is weaker (though lighter in color) and in our experience, walnut boards don’t last quite as long, at least not the way we use our cutting boards and care for them.
Of all Boos cutting boards, this one is our favorite. Made from end grain wood, the cutting board is so beautifully made and can seriously last from generation to generation. While the price point of spending nearly $200 on a cutting board seems high, the end grain maple wood also helps you maintain your kitchen knives and with its longevity — it’s really not a high price at all. Qualify craftsmanship throughout. Highly recommend!