chili recipe sffood

Comfort Food: Homemade Chili Recipe

When you want both hearty and comforting, there are very few things that can beat a hot bowl of chili. Folks have been asking how I make chili, so here’s a post dedicated to just that. Make sure you have friends over to share in the goodness! Continue reading

Boiling Crab in San Jose

Spice Challenge: The Boiling Crab in San Jose

Nestled into the deep, deep areas of San Jose somewhere, a place I rarely frequent, is the second of two locations of the The Boiling Crab. What I took on as a spicy challenge ended up being something else;but a fun and entertaining evening was had with great company and a terrific dining concept. The location is large, but good luck bringing a large party because only one thing is certain: they do not take reservations, period.

Beef brisket at YakiniQ

Quick Korean Barbecue Fix: YakiniQ in Japantown

Is there any reason not to go visit an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ with dduk-bossam?
I didn’t think so.
YakiniQ in Japantown of San Francisco offers good meat, a casual and fun space, with good dduk-bossam. Read the review to find out all about the restaurant as well as how to eat this Korean cuisine. Continue reading

House of Prime Rib

Quintessential San Francisco: House of Prime Rib

On Van Ness Ave in San Francisco, for the last 60+ years, an iconic restaurant exists to this day serving up the best prime rib in San Francisco.The wait is long without reservations, and House of Prime Rib is perhaps San Francisco’s busiest restaurant, but it’s worth the wait. This is a staple and landmark in San Francisco for both residents and visitors alike. Continue reading

Boxing Room San Francisco

First Visit: Boxing Room by Chef Justin Simoneaux

Boxing Room opens up with a bang in San Francisco, serving up some fantastic examples of Southern cooking. The gumbo is outstanding and the small bites on the menu are fun to share. With an excellent flounder and other Creole and Cajun offerings, Boxing Room is indeed the hippest place to be for 2011. Continue reading