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It’s the end of 2010, at last!

On this New Year’s Eve, I’ve decided to leave San Francisco to avoid the parties, and head up to some place a bit more peaceful.  Napa /Sonoma, to be exact.

The fabulous thing about Sonoma, CA is that it’s a sleepy little town surrounded by many wineries, but it’s also chock full of good restaurants. 

El Dorado Kitchen, a restaurant famed for having their chef come from French Laundry, is one, though my one visit there back in 2008 was unimpressive, at best.  There’s also The Girl and the Fig — a great restaurant with terrific food, and to date, the sweetbreads I ate here might be the best I’ve ever had.

On this trip to Sonoma, I’ll be visiting at least two places you can expect to see on SF Food in the coming year:  Lasalette Restaurant and yet another revisit to Ad Hoc.  (The actual reviews are linked—take a look!) A quick peek at the slideshow on Lasalette’s website will show you why I am so excited to visit this gem on New Year’s Eve.  As for Ad Hoc, it’s perhaps my favorite restaurant in the Bay Area as a whole, so of course, I am excited to go again.

Herb-roasted Sirloin Tip @ Ad Hoc (photo by Chris Stewart @ SF Chronicle)

Herb-roasted Sirloin Tip @ Ad Hoc (photo by Chris Stewart @ SF Chronicle)

While both Ad Hoc and French Laundry belong to Thomas Keller and both offer his masterful creations, Ad Hoc is simply comfortable and every single thing I have eaten at that restaurant has been nothing short of perfect, all at a reasonable cost.

Undoubtedly, there will be other places to review upon returning.   But at this time, those two are the highlights.

I hope all of you have a safe New Year’s Eve.  Let’s hope that 2011 brings good fortune to this great country of ours, and may it be a new year filled with health and happiness for all of us! HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOLKS!

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