“The Most Comprehensive Guide to Dining in San Francisco”

Following the popularity of San Francisco Food as a restaurant review blog, it was only natural that a book all about San Francisco dining options would be on the horizon.

Food Lovers’ Guide to San Francisco is now available worldwide in print and digital format! 

From Gilt:

“Grace Keh has pinned down never-before-released recipes for iconic San Francisco dishes. Try making one of our favorites: Acquerello’s potato-wrapped cannelloni with braised beef, topped with red wine sauce and fresh truffles.
“Food Lovers’ Guide to San Francisco” isn’t limited to restaurant reviews. Keh gets intimate with chefs like Suzette Gresham of Acquerello and Mark Sullivan of Spruce, adding their culinary insights and tips to the pages of her guide.
Keh has a distinguished palate and a wide appreciation for food—whether you’re seeking Korean barbecue, Italian pasta or chocolate fondue, you’ll find her expert recommendations lead you to some of the best spots in town.”


Editorial Review

After making a name for herself by hunting down the best local purveyors, demystifying culinary trends and discovering San Francisco’s hidden restaurant gems, Grace Keh has just finished a full-length book that details her discoveries. Gilt City members are invited to open up their local culinary experiences with two copies of her much-anticipated “Food Lovers’ Guide to San Francisco.” With two copies, you can give one away as a gift or stash one in a glove compartment for easy reference on-the-go.
Keh’s guide is a full-blown food adventure. She dines down at 270 restaurants in San Francisco and the East Bay. She interviews established chefs and rising stars. She even tours food festivals, peruses specialty shops and finds the city’s freshest farm stands and farmer’s markets. The book teems with insider tips on everything from nabbing a seat at the hottest dinner spots to selecting the best produce. She recommends great places for dates, meetings and casual day trips with themed itineraries, should you wish to make a more thorough tour. Her range and depth make this a great book for committed Bay Area food lovers and casual diners alike. You’ll never have to ask your dining companions, “Where should we go for dinner?” in 2012.

— Milos Peltier, Gilt City Editor

Editorial Review

San Francisco is a difficult city to cover in a book geared towards foodies. The dining options are bewildering in terms of variety of cuisines, price, geography and quantity. No book can claim to be a comprehensive guide to San Francisco’s culinary world. Plus, food review and reservation sites have made at least a few food publications obsolete.
So you have to hand it to an author who dares to fill in the pages of a book titled “Food Lovers’ Guide to San Francisco.” It’s a pretty daunting task for even the most prolific scribe.

Fortunately, Grace Keh’s debut as a published writer hits the mark.

The capsule summaries of the restaurants, markets and “local culinary offerings” are accessible, with useful information rather than the pronouncements of a food snob. I know that at a certain level, food (like wine) has its own language. But most of us don’t speak food-ese. We just want to know if something is delicious and worthwhile.
For those of you who love to cook, there are a number of great recipes from some of the best chefs in San Francisco. Some of these might actually be the first time published in a book like this.
In between the restaurant descriptions is a handful of nice explanations about subjects like how to get around the city, dim sum culture, food events, and even how to “dress for San Francisco.”
My favorite part of the book, and I suspect the pages that will get the most dog-eared, is the section on food itineraries. These are suggested dining plans crafted around business, romance, late night options and food tripping. This is the section that will allow you to buy this book for a visiting friend or family member, throw a bookmark on pg. 240, toss it to that person and send them on their merry, delicious way. Doing so will not only absolve you of making a poor recommendation, but will also allow you to escape the sometimes endless questions about dining in our great city.

-Amazon Reviewer


You can buy the print or digital version of the book on either of these sites, or at select Barnes & Noble bookstores worldwide.

Note: if you already bought the print version of the book on Amazon, the Kindle version is only $2.99!

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