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San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants

Restaurant reviews by the critics of San Francisco Food. Enjoy the reviews and let us know if you have any questions.

Spice Challenge: The Boiling Crab in San Jose

Nestled into the deep, deep areas of San Jose somewhere, a place I rarely frequent, is the second of two locations of the The Boiling Crab. What I took on as a spicy challenge ended up being something else;but a fun and entertaining evening was had with great company and a terrific dining concept. The location is large, but good luck bringing a large party because only one thing is certain: they do not take reservations, period.

House of Prime Rib

Quintessential San Francisco: House of Prime Rib

On Van Ness Ave in San Francisco, for the last 60+ years, an iconic restaurant exists to this day serving up the best prime rib in San Francisco.The wait is long without reservations, and House of Prime Rib is perhaps San Francisco’s busiest restaurant, but it’s worth the wait. This is a staple and landmark in San Francisco for both residents and visitors alike. Continue reading

R&G Lounge

Seafood Galore, starring the Dungeness Crab: R&G Lounge

Once in awhile, a restaurant raises the bar for one specific cuisine type. For me, the one that sets the bar for excellent Chinese food is R&G Lounge in San Francisco. Fresh, flavorful seafood is prepared in a multitude of ways to make each ingredient shine — and every kind of seafood imaginable, including geoduck, is featured on the huge menu. Continue reading

Dreimal Hoch für Leopold’s of San Francisco!

When in the mood for truly delicious German food paired with a magnificent selection of German beers that can be had in regular pints or “das BOOT” (!), head to Leopold’s in Russian Hill. This little restaurant is truly a gem in the city! While German food is not necessarily considered “amazing” in most circles — once you eat here, you may reconsider. Continue reading

spruce san francisco

Absolutely Divine: Spruce by Chef Mark Sullivan

Perhaps one of the finest dining experiences in San Francisco, Chef Mark Sullivan takes local, fresh and organic ingredients and creates masterpieces with those ingredients taking the lead in each dish. Between him and their new Chef de Cuisine Walter Abrams, Spruce offers fresh and exciting food that is classic American and quintessentially San Franciscan. Continue reading

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