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2017 Resolutions: Let’s Keep Them This Time!

Do you guys remember Y2K?

Does it make any sense at all that it’s now 17 years later? WHAT, WHAT? Where is time going? And why did age 14 to 16 take some 900 years to get finally get my license, and now 17 years flies by like 2.5 years?

I’m usually really good about keeping my resolutions because ordinarily, I either make resolutions I can keep immediately (like, within the week, such as “I will definitely reorganize the pantry”) or I don’t make any. Hey, under-promise and over-deliver, right?

For about two minutes, I thought about declaring “posting one blog post per week” as my resolution, but there is exactly a ZERO chance of that happening. Under-promise.

So this year, I do have a legitimate resolution: no more food wasting. 

With every (rapidly) passing year, I become progressively more bothered at how much food we ALL waste. It’s not just a matter of there being hungry people in the world but just the sheer inefficiency and waste of it all. And as people who love and respect food, it’s our duty to at least do our parts.

It begins with mostly cutting Costco out of my life. (Sad.)

I tend to waste food in two ways:

  1. I buy produce and use some of all of it, but never all of all of it, ending up in the compost bin.
  2. I cook too much and…well…who wants to eat leftovers?

So this resolution, at least the way I see it, is threefold:

  • I have to buy less, period, and just shop more often. I can’t waste what I don’t buy and it can be on Safeway’s conscience, not mine.
  • I have to portion more accurately to not cook so much of any single item. It feels wonderful to cook something and have nothing leftover, but in my pre-2017 mind, that meant someone may have not had enough to eat and I have visions of them rolling around in bed from hunger pangs….which….has….probably never happened, ever, but still.
  • If I cook less, I’ll have more ingredients unused, and I have to make it a point to come up with creative ways to use it, be it cooking or even if I end up using leftover rice as glue or something!

It’s January 7, and I’ve been really good about it thus far. (But what bozo can’t do anything for a week?! Wait, no – I’ve been set on this resolution since right before Christmas, so it’s over one week. So there.)


It’s always a safe bet to throw everything into a frittata. With the right seasoning and enough cheese, it’s like a delicious garbage disposal.

We had such delicious leftovers from a Christmas prime rib dinner, including the kalua pork that Mr. K’s parents brought us from Hawai’i, so omurice was perfect. I could throw everything into the rice, and just cover it up. And to ensure nobody would open up the egg to see the rice, pour gravy on it. People tend to leave things alone when you put a sauce on top.


I had six tomatoes — and after pondering spaghetti (which would require defrosting ground beef…which makes more leftovers!), I pulled out my handy Vitamix and made fresh tomato soup. Voila – no leftovers!

Just yesterday, I was staring at the inside of my refrigerator wondering what to do with leftover veggies. I had some chives that needed to be used, and carrots that were suspiciously still fine after weeks in the fridge. And a little bit of SPAM left in a plastic baggie. Well, when in doubt, Korean pancakes to the rescue!

I whipped it altogether with a mixture of flours, and all of the carrots are gone, though I still have some chives left.

Perhaps it’s time to make a little bit of chive kimchi?

Buchu Kimchi
Chive Kimchi
Broccoli Tempura – when the broccoli is getting older, and slightly yellowing

And if all else fails, praise Jesus for tempura. I love taking aging but totally viable vegetables that don’t “look” quite as pretty as when bought, dipping them into tempura batter and creating a whole new dish from it!

Anyway – that is my standalone resolution of 2017. I will, come hell or highwater, have NO LEFTOVERS, and hence, NO WASTE!

What’s your resolution?

Grace Keh

Managing Editor

Grace Keh is the author of “Food Lovers’ Guide to San Francisco” and the critic, editor and photographer behind San Francisco Food.
In her regular day job, she consults for corporate clients in marketing and event strategy. Once the sun sets, she’s on the hunt for great food in what she considers to be one of the world’s greatest cities, San Francisco.

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