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Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Reviews

Spud Point Crab Company
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Bodega Bay’s Pride: Spud Point Crab Company

A little over an hour north of San Francisco is a sleepy little coastal town called Bodega Bay. Scenic, beautiful and so peaceful, this town offers exquisite seafood. Of them all, the finest crab sandwich and clam chowder is at Spud Point Crab Company.

Kitchen Product Reviews

Nomiku Photo by Allen Hemberger

A Visit with Nomiku HQ: Tasting Sous Vide Food

In the last five years or so, I'd occasionally, and more frequently, run into something being offered on a menu that was cooked by a method called "sous vide". Initially, I'd order it just for the sake of seeing what I ended up with, but the consistency in sou... Read More...
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